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If you're looking for a great place to live, consider moving to Aurora, Colorado. With plenty of job and business opportunities, as well as an active nightlife and culture scene, Aurora is a great place to call home. Plus, it's located just minutes away from the majestic Rocky Mountains—what could be better than that? Whether you're already in Colorado or are just starting to explore your relocation options, make sure to add Aurora to your list!

Moving to Aurora, CO


Located 9.5 miles east of downtown Denver is the ever-growing city of Aurora, Colorado. Families have been moving here for years because of the great schools, variety of housing options, and the close proximity to many outdoor activities. Nestled in between the snow-capped mountains and bustling downtown, Aurora has something for everyone.

If you're looking for an active lifestyle, you can take advantage of the many hiking and biking trails. Or, if you prefer a slower pace, you can explore one of the city's many parks or visit one of the many nearby museums. No matter what your interests are, you're sure to find something to love about Aurora.

Best Neighborhoods in Aurora, CO


When moving to a new place finding the best neighborhood to fit your lifestyle can be tough, but luckily we’ve researched for you. Based on factors like affordability, livability, and things to do these are the best places to live in Aurora, CO.

Aurora Hills

The Aurora Hills neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado is a great place to live if you're looking for a relaxed and friendly feel. The area is full of people out and about, and there are plenty of stores and restaurants nearby.

However, the best part of living in Aurora Hills is the close-knit community feel. Everyone knows each other and looks out for one another. There is nothing better than feeling like you belong somewhere, and that's exactly what you'll find in Aurora Hills.

Heather Ridge

Heather Ridge is a beautiful, affordable neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado. It's perfect for first-time home buyers or families looking for more space. And for those who love the outdoors, Heather Ridge is close to several golf courses and parks.

The community is also very dog-friendly, with plenty of trails and green space for furry friends to explore. Whether you're looking for a starter home or a place to retire, Heather Ridge is a great option. Come see why so many people are calling this community home.

Heather Ridge - Golf

Seven Hills

Seven Hills is one of the most affordable places to buy a home in Colorado. It's a great place for first-time home buyers, as well as people looking for an investment property. The homes in Seven Hills are older, but they're well taken care of. You'll find a mix of starter homes and more expensive homes in the neighborhood. The Seven Hills neighborhood is close to downtown Aurora, so you can easily walk to restaurants and shops. The area is also close to major highways, so you can get around town quickly. 

Tallyn's Reach

Tallyn's Teach is a pristine suburban neighborhood in Aurora, Colorado. The homes are a little pricey, but they are well worth it for the quality of life that they offer. The landscaping is meticulous, and the neighbors are friendly and welcoming. Tallyn's Reach neighborhood is served by the Cherry Creek School District which encompasses many excellent schools. One of the biggest draws to this community is the endless amenities such as a clubhouse, tennis courts, playgrounds, and a pool.

The Weather in Aurora, CO


Aurora, Colorado is a beautiful city that experiences a variety of weather throughout the year. The summers are hot, with temperatures often reaching into the high 80s. However, the city is located at a high altitude, so the summers are not as humid as they are in other parts of the country. The winters are very cold and snowy, with temperatures often dipping below freezing.

However, the snow is usually dry and powdery, making it ideal for skiing and snowboarding. The city experiences a wide range of temperatures, from 22 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter to 89 degrees Fahrenheit in the summer. However, the average temperature is around 60 degrees, making it a comfortable place to live year-round.

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The Economy in Aurora, CO


Aurora, Colorado is a city on the move. In recent years, it has developed a reputation as a hub for business and industry, and developers are eager to build in the area. Aurora provides an abundance of resources for businesses, including a skilled workforce, access to transportation, and a growing established base of employers.

As a result, the city's economy is booming, and its future looks bright. Aurora is quickly becoming a destination for businesses and entrepreneurs, and it is well on its way to becoming one of the most prosperous cities in Colorado.

Some of the top industries in Aurora, Colorado include:

  • Health Care
  • Social Assistance
  • Customer Service
  • Retail trade

Schools in Aurora, CO


With some of the top-rated public schools in the state, Aurora has become a highly sought-after area for families with school aged children. The district’s commitment to academic performance and equity ensures that all students have the opportunity to succeed.

In addition, the district offers many programs and services that support students’ social and emotional needs. From early childhood education to after-school enrichment, Aurora’s schools provide a well-rounded education that prepares students for success in college and careers. With so much to offer, it’s no wonder that Aurora’s schools are some of the best in the state.

Some of the best schools in Aurora, CO include:

Schools In Aurora, CO - School

Things To Do in Aurora, CO


Moving to a new place and finding enjoyable things to see and do can be a very exciting experience. Luckily, Aurora, Colorado has no shortage of activities to keep you busy. There are ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, shopping, dining, and entertainment. Now let's take a closer look at what this city has to offer.

Best Places To Eat in Aurora, CO


When it comes to the ultimate dining experience in Aurora, CO, three restaurants stand out above the rest. Golden Saigon is a Vietnamese restaurant that serves up authentic pho and banh mi sandwiches. Sam's No. 3 is a classic American diner that serves up hearty breakfasts and comfort food favorites.

And for a taste of Italy, look no further than Casa Carbone Ristorante, where you'll find fresh pasta dishes and wood-fired pizzas. No matter what you're in the mood for, Aurora has a restaurant that will tantalize your taste buds. So pull up a chair and dig in!

Experience The Shopping in Aurora, CO


Two of the most visited shopping area in Aurora, CO include:

Town Center at Aurora -  The town center is a bustling indoor mall with two levels and over 1 million square feet of retail space. Macy's and Dillard's are the anchor stores, and there are over 150 other stores and restaurants. The mall is also home to a movie theater, children's play area, and several other entertainment options. The town center is the perfect place to do some shopping, grab a bite to eat, or just enjoy some people-watching.

Southlands - This regional open-air mall located in Aurora, Colorado features a variety of high-end stores as well as some more affordable options. Not only do they offer excellent shopping they are also known for holding many special events throughout the year such as:

  • The Easter Bunny Hop
  • Santa's Arrival
  • Pumpkin Painting

With its convenient location and wide range of offerings, Southlands is a fantastic destination for all your shopping and entertainment needs.

Experience The Shopping In Aurora, CO - Shopping

Visit Cherry Creek State Park


Cherry Creek State Park surrounds an 880-acre reservoir and is a great place to enjoy the outdoors all year long. The park is action-packed in the summer with boating, fishing, swimming, sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, and more. You can also camp overnight or enjoy a horseback ride through the park. In the winter, the park is quieter but just as beautiful. You can go cross-country skiing, ice fishing, or snowshoeing. Regardless of what time of year it is, Cherry Creek State Park is a place people of all ages can enjoy.

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Aurora History Museum


The Aurora History Museum was established in 1979 and is dedicated to preserving the history of Aurora, Colorado. The museum houses a large collection of displays and artifacts, representing the diverse history of the city. From its early days as a small farming community to its present-day status as a thriving suburb of Denver, the Aurora History Museum tells the story of Aurora's growth and development. Today, the Aurora History Museum is a vital part of the city's cultural landscape, providing residents and visitors alike with a window into the past.

Aurora History Museum - History Museum

A few more things to do in this beautiful city include:

  • Del Mar Park
  • Jumpoline Family Fun Center
  • Rocky Ridge Park
  • Vintage Theater Productions
  • Aurora Reservoir

All of the options listed above are amazing, but there are plenty more activities to do in this city. So get out there and explore all that Aurora has to offer!

There you have it, a comprehensive guide to the city of Aurora, Colorado, and what it would be like to live there. The economy is booming and it has some of the best schools in the nation. There are also plenty of things to do and see, making Aurora an exciting place to put down some permanent roots. If you're looking for a new place to call home, consider moving to Aurora!


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